New Catalog for Manufactured Structures

For decades, the Metaline name has meant air distribution products specifically designed for manufactured structures, including manufactured housing, modular buildings, travel trailers, recreational vehicles, and the like.  In fact, Metaline was the first name of our company, founded in 1955.


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Despite this history, we are now pleased to announce a new supplement to our standard air distribution catalog.  The “Manufactured Structures Catalog Supplement” features 40 pages of Metaline product descriptions, photos, and engineering drawings.


You can view or download a pdf copy of the this new document from the Air Distribution Resources page on this site.

Also, be sure to surf the new Metaline product web pages.  Here’s a direct link to these products:

Edmunds & Associates Now Representing Continental

Lynchburg, VA • Elkhart, IN

Continental Industries announces today that it has partnered with Edmunds & Associates of Lynchburg, Virginia as a Manufacturer’s Representative.

Beginning immediately, Edmunds & Associates will represent Continental throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C.

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Edmunds&AssociatesLogo Specializing in the HVAC/R industry, Edmunds & Associates was founded in 2001.  The organization is an active member of HARDI.

According to principal,  John Edmunds, “The Continental product line is a welcome addition to our current offering of HVAC/R components and equipment.  Continental offers us an extensive line of quality products and personalized support.  We can offer them our over 75 years of combined industry experience and great customer relationships.  I have no doubt that it will be a winning combination.”

“John has assembled an outstanding team of sales professionals,” says Continental sales executive, Doug Gaugler.  “Their positive attitude is contagious.  And they already have the confidence of existing Continental customers in the region.”

Happy Birthday–To Us!

2015 marks our 60th year in business.  It’s been an interesting journey.  But we feel that we’re really just beginning.

Make it happy birthday for us by making Continental your supplier of choice for grilles, registers, diffusers, and combustion venting products.

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60-6And learn more of story here.

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