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    Our Story

    Our Story

    David LeiterIn 1955, Continental owner and founder, David Leiter,  established a metal-working shop known as Metaline Products.  Reading the market forces at work, he took advantage of the housing boom of the 1950s by developing a line of register products geared toward manufactured housing.  This endeavor then led to opportunities in the conventional residential housing market.  So, the products evolved with the changing HVAC technology, adding diffusers and grilles, under the brand name of Continental Register.  

    In 1979, Metaline made a strategic acquisition of A&A Register of Cleveland, Ohio.  Operations of A&A Register were relocated to Elkhart, Indiana to consolidate resources.  Aware of the broadening impact of this acquisition, in that same year (1979) Mr. Leiter changed the name of the corporation to Continental Industries.  At this time, Metaline Products became the brand name for the manufactured housing market while “Continental Register” was established as a moniker for the growing line of GRDs intended for the broader market and made available through HVAC wholesalers.

    In 1996, Continental purchased Auer Register, also based in Cleveland.  The Auer Register Company began in 1892 when George Auer, a heating contractor and home furnace installer, started making grilles and registers for the housing industry.  Auer Register assets were relocated to Elkhart, Indiana in this same year (1996).

    In 2004, Continental expanded its product line to include combustion venting products with its acquisition of AirJet Venting Systems of Fredericksburg, VA.  This company had been founded in 1945 as General Products Corporation.  In 2010, AirJet operations were relocated to Elkhart, Indiana.  

    Today, Continental Industries remains a privately held manufacturer under the ownership of David Leiter.  Through the years, the company has survived devastating fire and tremendous market changes.  Nevertheless, its distribution network has grown throughout North America.  GRD products still reach the world through HVAC & plumbing wholesalers as do AirJet B-vent products.   The complete AirJet line is made available through hearth and chimney-specific distributors.  

    As always, product quality remains at the forefront of Continental operations.  In addition, the company has optimized operations to bring you the very best product at the best possible prices.  From design engineering to sourcing and production, Continental efficiencies rival best-in-class practices—and, all with an American workforce.



    Corporate headquarters & GRD production
    Elkhart, Indiana • Approximately 200,000 sq. ft.


    Production for AirJet Venting/Chimney
    Elkhart, Indiana • Approximately 100,000 sq. ft.

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