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    How We Go to Market

    Our products reach the world through a network of authorized distribution partners. Authorized partners can include HVAC and related wholesalers as well as select hearth & chimney related retailers.


    Popular Air Distribution Retailers:


    Distributor Group Partnerships

    We have partnership agreements in place with the following groups of HVACR wholesalers:





    Sales Contacts

    Contractors: If your current wholesaler doesn't carry the Continental/AirJet line, use these sales contacts to find an alternate source.
    Distributors: When you are ready to add the Continental or AirJet brand to your offering, these sales professionals can help you get started.

    Manufacturer Representatives: Interested in repping our line? 
    MHRV OEMs & Distributors: If you're building any sort of manufactured structure or supplying to those who do, we can help you incorporate our products into the designs.


    Edmunds & AssociatesCut
    Manufacturers' Representatives
    Headquaters: Lynchburg, VA

    John Edmunds          Cell:  434-384-0611                                                                                             Email:

    Terry Chilcote            Cell:  703-789-5333                                                                                             Email:

    Area Coverage: Eastern PA, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., New Jersey (South of Hwy 195)

    Phone: 434-384-0686
    Fax: 434-384-0685



    Ray Posey

    Regional Sales Manager, Continental Industries

    Area Coverage: Georgia, North Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

    Phone: 770-722-4537
    Fax: 765-535-5028


    Miller-Weiss-Kruse Inc.
    6318 11th Place
    Kenosha, WI  53144
    Area Coverage:  Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin


    Jeff Weiss,  WI, IL(N), IN
    Cell: 262-308-9256     Email:

    Randy Kruse,  IL, IN(N)
    Cell: 630-205-1197     Email:

    Steve Burke, IN
    Cell: 262-696-3365     Email:

    Shyanne Cappozzo, WI, IL (N)
    Cell:  262-496-4639     Email:

    Zack Weiss, IL (Central), IN
    Cell: 262-497-8739     Email:



    SRA Southern Rep Agency
    PO Box 595
    135 Chalk Drive
    Mendenhall, MS  39114
    Area Coverage:  Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee,
    Florida Panhandle

    Tim Orders - President
    Cell: 601-954-7219     Email:

    Dane Orders - VP of sales and Marketing
    Cell: 601-382-2816     Email:

    Charles Orders - Territory Manager
    Cell: 601-421-7583     Email:

    Tim Blackwell
    1824 Cheshunt Lane
    Cordova, TN  38016

    Cell:  901-233-4642     Email:




    Miller Component Sales
    PO Box 2100
    38 Commerce Park Drive, Suite C
    Westerville, OH  43082
    Area Coverage:  Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western PA

    Chris Barry - President
    Cell: 614-557-2552      Email:

    Carol Barry - Office Manager
    Cell: 614-890-7311     Email:

    Tod Heath - Refrigeration Sales Manager
    Cell: 614-579-9624     Email:

    Jeff Murray - Michigan, Toledo,Ohio
    Cell: 616-840-2039     Email:

    Griffen Gordon - Central & Southern Ohio, West Virginia
    Cell: 614-556-1942     Email:

    Ken Petry - Northeast Ohio, Western PA & Northern W. Virginia
    Cell: 216-339-2419     Email:

    Chad White - Kentucky
    Cell: 502-640-0908    Email:

    Connor Barry - Dealers & Contractors
    Cell: 614-557-5783    Email:



    Danko Mechanical Sales Company
    21175 N. 9th Place
    Suite 300
    Phoenix, AZ  85024
    Area Coverage:  Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas (El Paso), Utah & Wyoming

    Jeff Hyvarinen- MP, All States
    Cell: 623-202-3573      Email:

    Sarah Fink - CS/IS, All States
    Cell: 623-251-1975     Email:

    John "Skeeter" Van Dyke - MP, Arizona, South Nevada
    Cell: 602-297-7458    Email:

    Rudy Sabori - MP, Texas, New Mexico
    Cell: 915-490-4827     Email:

    Daniel Sabori - TSM, Arizona (Phoenix, South Arizona, El Centro)
    Cell: 602-469-7774     Email:

    Tom Goebig - TSM, Arizona, (Phoenix, North Arizona), South Nevada
    Cell: 602-909-1030     Email:

    Bill Mezin - MP, Southern California, (LA South-Palm Springs)
    Cell: 951-852-3987    Email:

    Dan Verdick - CS/IS, All States
    Cell: 480-708-1878    Email:

    Dale Keene - MP, All States
    Cell: 661-301-7844     Email:

    Taylor Kimbrell - MP, Utah
    Cell: 518-788-8439     Email:

    Linda Swanson - TSM, Northern California, Northern Nevada
    Cell: 916-768-2896     Email:

    Matt Morse - TSM, Colorado
    Cell: 720-550-2451    Email:

    Noe Aranda - TSM, Southern California (LA North)
    Cell: 323-884-8435    Email:

    Lauren Swanson - CS/IS, All States
    Cell: 916-343-2188     Email:

    Jessica Coats - CS/IS, All States
    Cell: 612-961-0277

    Justin Capps - TSM, Northern California / Northern Nevada
    Cell: 209-701-8630    Email:


    HVAC Sales Inc.
    Area Coverage:  Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri

    Chris Refsland   Iowa
    Cell: 515-343-4923   Email:

    Travis DuRee    Nebraska & Kansas
    Cell: 402-980-8303

    Don Probasco  Iowa
    Cell: 515-410-6297    Email:

    Mark Harris   Missouri
    Cell: 913-515-9632     Email:

    Jack Lavin     Missouri
    Cell: 314-910-9032     Email:



    Inside Sales/Customer Service

    When you are ready to place an order, or have a matter related to an existing order, this is the place to be.

    Our Customer Service representatives are fully knowledgeable of the product lines and our production inventory levels. They can confirm your order via fax or email. Need EDI (electronic data interchange) access? We can do that too. 

    These fine professionals are ready to take your calls:

    Fax Order Line: 574.262.2075


    National Sales Manager
    (Manufacturer Representatives, National Accounts)
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