Made in the USA: It Still Matters

In a comprehensive and new survey by Consumer Reports, the true feelings of Americans emerges clearly and loudly: We prefer made in the U.S.A.


Only 10% of those surveyed say that DO NOT make an effort to buy American.  Three out of four (75%) of those who buy American, say they do so because the products are of higher quality or they are better regulated than their foreign counterparts.  And 84% of Americans believe that U.S.-made products are reliable.

We couldn’t agree more.

For many years, we have watched as our domestic competitors have moved their production operations offshore.  Likewise, we have seen, with alarm, foreign-based companies flood the American market with cheap products.

But when we have a choice, we prefer to buy American.  That means your customers prefer it.

Why? According to the survey results: (a)  88% do so to keep manufacturing jobs at home, (b) 87% do so to help the U.S. economy, (c) 84% do so to keep America strong in the global economy, and (d) 67% do so to be patriotic!

For 60 years, we have have proudly designed and manufactured our products in the heartland of America.  We do so competitively.  We do so with a passion for quality.  We do so with a desire to keep America strong and independent.

Take the Continental challenge: Place your current import product of choice side-by-side with a Continental equivalent and see which one your customers prefer.

Made in the U.S.A.?  Yes, it still matters.

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