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Duct Board Plenum

Note: This product is not available discretely but is offered as an option for several T-bar products identifield below.

  • A rigid, resin-bonded duct board plenum
  • R8 rated
  • Enables the use of up to 20” ductwork on several Continental products that might otherwise be limited to 14” ductwork.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Available on These Product Series

CS Perforated face Diffusers
ACS Perforated face Diffusers, Aluminum
CS244/344 Louvered 4-way Diffusers
ACS244/344 Louvered 4-way Diffusers, Aluminum
440 Surflo 1-4 way Diffusers
A440 Surflo 1-4 way Diffusers, Aluminum
FBG40TB 40° Fixed Bar Grilles
AFBG40TB 40° Fixed Bar Grilles, Aluminum
FBG60TB 60° Fixed Bar Grilles
AFBG60TB 60° Fixed Bar Grilles, Aluminum
FBFGTB Fixed Bar Filter Grilles
AFBFGTB Fixed Bar Filter Grilles, Aluminum
T Perforated/Louvered Filter Grilles
AT Perforated/Louvered Filter Grilles, Aluminum
ECGTB Aluminum Egg Crate Grille, U-channel frame
ECGETB Aluminum Egg Crate Grille, Extruded frame
ECFGTB Aluminum Egg Crate Grille, Extruded frame


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