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Surflo™ T-Bar Diffuser

  • Patented design; diffuses air along ceiling surface for superior distribution
  • 1, 2, 3, 4-way or 2-way corner diffusion
  • Face only or with R6 fiberglass plenum
  • Aluminum construction
  • White finish
  • Made in the U.S.A.


ACS441 1-way diffusion
ACS442 2-way diffusion
ACS443 3-way diffusion
ACS444 4-way diffusion
ACS445 2-way corner diffusion

Part #DescriptionCtn QtyList Price Each
ACSFO4411-way, Face only10--
ACSFO4422-way, Face only10--
ACSFO4433-way, Face only10--
ACSFO4444-way, Face only10--
ACSFO4452-way corner, Face only10--
ACS1064411-way, R6 plenum6--
ACS1064422-way, R6 plenum6--
ACS1064433-way, R6 plenum6--
ACS1064444-way, R6 plenum6--
ACS1064452-way corner, R6 plenum6--
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